sequently, Chinese companies are boo

ble progress in the 'space race▓.' Currently, more than 130 China-made spacecraft and sat▓ellites are in orbit. CNSA recognizes that its team must rely on cooperation from other nation

sting investments and R&a▓mp;D (Res

s abroad i▓n order to flourish.Belgium joins China for Earth Observation mission Beijing and Brussels approved in July▓ 2015 a MOU (memorandum of understanding) fo

earch & Development) support

r joint collabor▓ation on satellite technology that could place both nations "at the forefront" to deliver vital informa▓tion worldwide, as revealed by Belgian Stat

for the satellite technology indust

e Secretary▓ of Science Policy Elke Sleurs. The document was signed ▓by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO) a▓nd CNSA to support space sciences, technol

ry.The China National Sp

ogies and▓ applications.The key project include the Earth Observat▓ion program, a satellite mission. Space agencies from▓ both nations plan to design and build a satellite with the full capacity to deliver exclusive agriculture and environmental information to the rest of the world."We have been building on the scientific cooperation b▓etween Belgium and Chi

nese scientists over the past fe▓w years, especially in the fields of the application of Ea▓rth observation data for environmental monitoring, "▓Sleurs told Xinhua News Agency." The idea grew to also involve technological and industrial partners in the cooperation▓."New adv

ace A▓dministration (CNSA)

has taken charge

ances for the next space ageThrough collaboration ▓of rocket scientists from around the globe, China is making tremendous advances on space propulsion technolo

of the space pr

gy. CNSA hopes to launch a communications satellite tha▓t utilizes electric propulsion.Wang Min, a satellite designer from the Chinese

ents with ot

her countries to share technologies and

e launch, while reducing the costs of launching a satellite into space by 30 percent.Meanwhile, there is even bigger news in regards to recent advancements in space technology. Wang Feixue, director of the Center for Satellite Navigation and Positioning Technology, has been leading China's Beidou Satellite Sy

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